National Certificate: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative NQF5
National Certificate: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative NQF5

This qualification provides a broad understanding of medical conditions and healthcare interventions via blended learning approach. It is a SAQA registered qualification, ID 63969 National Certificate Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

Business Communications
Business Communications

Business communication is the exchange of information between individuals both within and outside of an organization. Good communication helps in the development of good relationships with colleagues and customers, and enable organizations to function much more effectively.

National Certificate: Generic Management

Launch into a world of career opportunities through Intellectus Campus's World class management and leadership development programme A course specifically designed to equip current and future managers with key competencies required to tackle the 21 t century management challenges and be able to lead like a pro! T

Fundamentals Of Generic Magement

Gain the critical skills required to function as a world class manager by enrolling for this Generic Management short course, a career boosting programme guaranteed to pave your way to the top of the corporate ladder.

People / Relationship Management

Get the respect you deserve and build your ability to lead and manage a damn fine team in just 10 weeks, through Intellectus Campus' knowledge packed people management short course.

Operations Management

Master the skills of operations management, project management, and other core management skills through this top-notch skills programme, derived from the full qualification in Generic management.

Managing Skills Development

Get promoted and achieve the recognition you desire in just 10 weeks by joining Intellectus Campus on this career enhancing course on managing skills development in the workplace.

Conflict Management

Conflict management is the practice of being able to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly, and efficiently. Since conflicts in a business are a natural part of the workplace, it is important that there are people who understand conflicts and know how to resolve them.

Customer Service Training

This Customer Service Training Course is for professionals who want to make a significant contribution to their company's image and profit & make their own lives easier by consistently providing exceptional customer service.

Event Planning

The course is defined within the context of the medical sales and marketing environment.

The learner who achieves competency for this unit standard will be able to understand and apply social and cultural, economic and environmental guidelines in order to provide for cultural diversity and impact in the planning of events in a responsible manner in the area in which an event is hosted.

Workplace Health & Safety

This unit standard has as its core purpose, qualifying learners who will perform First Aid and basic life support procedures. The learner will demonstrate knowledge of health and safety regulations of host country and South Africa. They will manage an emergency scene and practice fire fighting and emergency evacuation drills.

FETC: Human Resources Management

Organizations require persons who are able to support human resources management processes and practices. There is also a need for an initial qualification as a possible first leg of a learning progression path in the human resources management and practices field.

National Vocational Certificate: Office Administration

Effective and efficient office admin lies at the heart of every successful organization. This National Certificate in Business Services (Office Administration), NQF Level 4 will improve your chance of boosting your long-term career prospects. You will obtain skills that are invaluable in any business environment.

National Certificate: Office Management Secreterial Studies

This program prepares students to handle effective management of common office management. This course enhancees the student leadership abilities in the workplace by learning the organization management and business communication skills needed by dynamic supervisors and managers.

Presentation Skills

The course gives a stepwise approach on how to prepare, plan, deliver and post analyze a presentation. Be able to present effectively to groups and on a one- to-one basis. Connect with your audience and ensure that they receive the message you are delivering.

Selling Skills

The course offers both the experienced and the rookie representative to go back to basics and look at steps that make you an efficient rep in order to have impact in field and grow sales.

Selling Skills With NBI

The course focuses on the use of NBI Brain Profiling in selling to enable both the experienced and the rookie representative to understand how they and their customers communicate and interact and to use this in the sales call to enhance communication and relationships thereby growing sales.

National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training & Development Practices

The certificate encompasses the complete spectrum of education, training, and development endeavors. This includes identifying the training and skills requirements within your organization, creating educational materials, facilitating learning initiatives, evaluating the efficacy of learning, moderating to ensure learning and assessment quality, providing workplace mentoring and coaching to empower learners in reaching their fullest potential, and coordinating comprehensive learning programs.

Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment

Are you a trainer in the workplace or academic setting and would love to provide assessment services in your field of practice?

This ETDP SETA course will provide you with the knowledge and skills that will propel your career to the next level and enhance professional growth.

Facilitate Using A Variety Of Given Methodologies

Are you in a position where you are required to empower and develop employees and learners?

Are you aiming to grow your career in the education, training and development industry?

This career boosting 5 day course is just what you need!

This short course will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to maximize the classroom and workplace learning experiences.

Skills Development Facilitator

Our Skills Development Facilitator training program equips you with the necessary skills to become an adept facilitator by providing comprehensive training on identifying training requirements, creating workplace skills plans, drafting annual training reports, and implementing effective quality management systems within an organization.

Foundational Learning Competence

Foundational Learning refers to the competence needed in the two key areas of Communication and Mathematical Literacy in order to deal successfully with occupational learning at NQF Levels 2-4. Its key purpose is to remove barriers to learning and progress in occupational pathways and skills development.

Foundational Communication

The part qualification component 'Foundational Communication' describes the language skills, processes, knowledge and practices needed in the language of instruction for occupational training and in the language of formal usage in the workplace.

National Vocational Diploma: Counselling Supervision

Learn Advanced Counselling Skills to put you ahead of the pack. Take this course to increase your understanding of applying counselling skills and grow into a Professional Counsellor! This course is designed to provide counsellors with the relevant knowledge and skills to work with different clients with generic and specific needs.

Medical Office Administration

This course is aimed at people who wish to obtain employment as a healthcare receptionist in a medical, dental, hospital or veterinary practice, but currently lack the necessary background knowledge and skills. It provides competency training based on the technical and administrative information required to be an effective Medical Office Administrator.

National Certificate: Health Services Management

This course is designed to develop a competent Health Services Administrator with knowledge, skills and attributes required to satisfy the needs of the health sector in hospitals, clinics, urgent and convalescence care units

National Certificate: Ophthalmic Optics

Ophthalmic assistants are first point of contact for customers. they welcome customers into the store, carry out pre-screening tests and help customers select the correct frames and lenses for their prescription. Advance yourself with our HEXCO accredited National Certificate in Ophthalmic Optics and open a world of opportunities!

National Diploma: Ophthalmic Rehabilitation

The course is designed to develop Ophthalmic Rehabilitation Officers with knowledge, skills and attitudes required to satisfy the needs of the ophthalmic health sector. Vision rehabilitation officers instruct persons with vision impairments in the use of compensatory skills and assistive technology. Advance yourself with our HEXCO accredited qualification and open a world of opportunities!

National Diploma: Ophthalmic Laboratory Sciences

The course is designed to develop Dispensing Optician with knowledge, skills and attitudes required to satisfy the needs of the ophthalmic health sector. This course shall embrace innovative heritage based education and training philosophy to solve national problems and to produce goods and services for industrialization and


National Diploma: Ophthalmic Dispensing

The course is designed to develop Dispensing Optician with knowledge, skills and attitudes required to satisfy the needs of the ophthalmic health sector. This course shall embrace innovative heritage based education and training philosophy to solve national problems and to produce goods and services for industrialization and


Code Of Practice: The Marketing Of Healthcare Products

The objective of The Code of Practice for the Marketing of Healthcare Products is to ensure that the marketing of healthcare products, including pharmaceutical, consumables and devices to health professionals and the general public is carried out in a responsible, ethical and professional manner.

Healthcare Representative

A short course for potential or new healthcare representatives or sales team members wishing to develop the key knowledge and skills required by the industry. This course provides a broad understanding of medical conditions and healthcare interventions via online or classroom training.

Rapid HIV Testing

Join this practical, hands on and expert-led 5 day workshop. This exclusive workshop will ensure the participants receive the latest update and information in this critical area of Rapid HIV Testing.

Retail Health Sales (RHS)

For those promoting healthcare related products in pharmacy front shops, health shops and veterinary practices, this course will assist in understanding the regulations regarding sales of products and provision of information to build the necessary sales and customer service skills required.

Key Accounts Management

This course aims to give understanding the basic Principles of Key Account Management, applying these principles by drawing up a structured Healthcare Key Account plan and managing these by delivering on promises and influencing key people

Good Manufacturing Practices

Get a deep understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) with this course and learn to work with your clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Gain fundamental knowledge of pharmaceutical GMP and how it links regulation to the regulator(s) and related Good Practices (GXP)

Good Laboratory Practices

Be introduced to the world of good laboratory practices (GLP), which embodies a set of principles that provide a framework within which laboratory studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, reported and archived.

Good Pharmaceutical Distribution Practices

The short course is designed to teach you about how Good distribution practices ensure maintaining product safety and quality during distribution across the supply chain and how this practice is of significant importance for the pharmaceutical industry.

Generic Drug Development

Generic drug products are defined as the substitutes of brand name drugs having the same dosage form, strength, safety, efficacy, and the route of administration as the original formulation. This short course focuses on the development processes and domestic and global regulations of the generic drug industry.

Regulatory Affairs

Get a clear understanding of the roles played by professionals obtaining and regulatory affairs maintaining marketing authorization for medicines.

National Certificate: Counseling Services

Counselling is a talking therapy which helps people to overcome problems. A counsellor is someone that has been trained to listen with empathy, who can help individuals (as well as couples and groups) deal with negative thoughts or emotions.